Ah, SOTA! It’s more than just an acronym, it’s a sunrise symphony echoing from a mountaintop, a picnic of triumph amidst windswept crags, a whispered conversation across continents woven on sunspots. The joys of SOTA unfold like a crisp map on dawn-kissed stone.

First, the ascent. Sweat mingles with anticipation, each laboured step a brushstroke painting the landscape. Reaching the summit feels like the earth opening its arms, granting you the world as your playground. Extend your antenna to the sky, dancing in the breeze, and cast your voice into the airwaves.

G5MAT with a Wide Bander on Snowden on a sunny day

Then, the magic. Crackling whispers from afar, voices tinged with joy and surprise, hailing you from distant peaks. Each contact a tiny flag planted, a tapestry woven with wonder and friendship. The hum of your radio becomes a heartbeat, connecting you to a global tribe of adventurers, united by the thrill of summit and signal.

And finally, the descent. Legs heavy with achievement, eyes tracing the path you carved through solitude. The sun dips below the horizon, painting the world in an ember glow. You carry a secret symphony in your heart, from voices flung across the world.

This is SOTA… Summits on the Air!


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