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Currently our most versatile and popular seller.  Also available from Martin Lynch & Sons  ML&S - £129.95 (with Counterpoise for 169.95)

KX3 and Widebander on Youtube

The Mk5 is the latest development of the WonderWand with a detachable BNC terminated whip antenna - £89-95

The Tuneable Counter Poise plugs directly into the MK 4 above or can be attached to a rig chassis if a wire antenna is being used. Price £59.95

The RWT-166 covers 160 - 6m as the name suggests and uses a stepped inductor and a variable capacitor as an LC match for a wire antenna.

WonderWand Tunable Compact Loops


       The Original 20-6m                The New 40-10m

        Price £89.95                            Price £99.95

WW TCL reports on Youtube and Youtube2

See Youtube report by M0SAZ

WW TCL also available from ML&S

In Development

Mixed Mode Dipoles for 6, 10 & 17m

From time to time, special offers available - email Carl - see Order Page.